How to workout like a pro at home?

Workout like a PRO at home – Set up a home gym


How to set up a home gym like a pro in your home?

Trying to set up your own home gym for a workout like a pro demands a proper guide. You will figure it out how to set up workout plan, but there are no much useful guides about picking up the right power gear for home use. Probably you already have searched all stores available online and you made price range tags. If you already did so, then you know where to get a home workout gear at the best possible price now you have to find out what do you need. This step is important because you can pay more for the same gear in different stores.

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What do you need to set up your own home gym?

To set up a proper home gear you must be introduced to some kind of workout guide or plan. You should follow that workout routine and make a list of needed gear when you have a list all checked up you need to follow it and equip your home with that gear that you need.

Workout like a Pro at home – Following workout routine

Before start working out you must do at least five minutes stretching. Right after it, you should do some cardio exercises which usually are done on a treadmill or a cycle. So, you need some of these, at least one.

Bulking Up. For bulking up you will need a Bench press, weights, and cat bells. You can pick what’s good for you to start and later you can add heavier weights to your gym. To start you need two different types: one lighter and one heavier. This should be measured by your ability to pick and lift heavy weights. Advice 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg are a good start for those with no workout experience. Later on, you must add much heavier ones. If you have no idea what should you do with these weights I have to mention that these are used for a pyramid workout (building a muscle size and shaping up). These are used in combination lighter first, then heavier. If you don’t know what is this about you should google for a pyramid workout , because just lifting up without any clue about it will not help you get that perfect bulked shape.

Probably you have been noticed a rach with 30 to 40 maybe, even more, weights in the gym. That is for pyramid workouts, but they must have all sizes because there are hundreds of people in the gym and they must cover their needs. If we did not mention these are used for arms and back. You won’t need that much at all.

If you want to go over and pay a little bit more you can get more than one cardio gears or some semy pro already used gym gear. Professional gear is designed to help you workout proper way, so some already used gear will make your home a perfect gym at a half of a price. You will need some smaller but important things like safety. You will need non-slippery floor mat, antibacterial spray etc.

workout cycles for beginners

Now when you are all set up and you are preparing to start with stretching what do you need next?


workout like a proTo be completely honest you do need a perfect supplement formula to workout like a pro. If you want to get that bulk up body any women turns had around some workout stack is a must.

It is not important to look so perfectly shaped compared to health-related issues some illegal drugs like some steroids you buying illegally can cause.

You will have to be careful about choosing the right product for your pro results.

For a good start, you will need some formula with high-quality Whey Protein Isolate for fast protein synthesis, Creatine Monohydrate, CoQ10, D-Aspartic acid, the perfect ratio of Branched Amino Acids BCAAs, plus minerals and vitamins for strength and protein biosynthesis. That is all you need for a perfect look.

For the first cycle or two, some all in one formula may be easier to manage (our choice Black Wolf workouts supplements stack for men), Black Wolf is all from mentioned above plus more (it covers pre- intro-post workout and it comes with free shaker and five more than useful workout and nutritional guides anyone needs.


After it, if you want to get even bigger you can go with some steroid subproducts (our choice Marine Muscle – side effects free you can get the product overview list here). It is important not to take something toxic or something you can’t spend during the workouts. You should stay in a safe zone while picking up a supplement to workout like a pro.

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