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Anyone dealing with workouts should be familiar with workout plan and workout cycles. Workout as it is can’t be clarified as one whole. Workouts are divided by the purpose. As we know and our research claimed it, there are three different workout plans (and cycles) based on purpose: bulking, cutting and strength & endurance. The categorization goes even further and there are body parts groups: upper body parts workouts, lower bodyparts workouts, middle body part exercise (abs and back).

It is important to be introduced to these groups because of differences between workouts for the first and for the second group. You have to know what you are doing. I will give you an example why this is important:

e.g. If you want to add muscle mass and you are doing workouts for cutting (weight & fat loss) you will miss your goals and lose weight instead of gaining mass and eventually end up frustrated. You will waste the time spent in the gym and you won’t have the body look experience you actually hit the gym for.

There are individual workout plans you should be introduced to because it can benefit you a lot.

workout plan

Individual workout plan

You should know that individual workout plans are a real deal, you should know how important they are. With good workout plan, your workout results will jump forward. I will try to explain it because there are numerous questions online in relation to the individual workout plans, so here we go:

How to create workout plan?

You can create your own workout plan by combining workout plans available online. Here is one of the ways to do it.

e.g. In case you want to gain muscle mass, find a couple of workout plans for bulking (muscle-growth) then rip off what you consider useful. After you finish your workout program you can test it. Good workout program will provide results (you can feel or see a little difference in a muscle size) in 20 / 25 days. If you don’t see any difference start all over again with some changes until you find the effective one.

How to create an effective workout plan?

To become effective workout plan has to be designed for your needs. I will add a couple examples to make it clearer.

e.g. What if you have a big belly and tiny arms? Or, how to make a perfect combination of multiple workout plans? It is not so complicated, in a matter of fact anyone can do it. All you have to do is to solve problematic body part with specific workouts.

If you have a bigger belly, with a lot of fat you will take workout plan for cutting for that body part. If you want to increase the size of your arms, take that part of exercises from bulking (muscle-growth) plan. That’s one of the ways to get some kind of individual workout plan without paying for one.

Eating regimen as part of an effective workout plan and how important is it?

An eating regimen is very important part of an effective workout plan. For faster muscle growth is important to incorporate low-fat high protein meals even to add protein shakes, like pre-workout drinks, or supplements but legal like designer steroids (Crazy Bulk), prohormones (Marine Muscle). Higher proper nutrition and supplementation are a win-win combination for success.

If you don’t want to waste your time you can always hire a professional help, or ask someone at the Gym for a helpful advice. They love to brag about their knowledge related to bodybuilding and a muscle growth, you can benefit from it.

Resting days are equally important as workout days, don’t forget it.

If you are looking for some kind of workout plan and that’s the way you end up on this page, this may be good for you.


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